So. Cute!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Also from Tricia (it's apparently Tricia day!), I really loved the outfit above from Wardrobe_Remixer Sally Jane Vintage for the following reasons:

1. Just when I think it might be time to step away from volume and start embracing a more shrunken silhouette, something like this pops up to remind me how cool and charming a wide, swingy shape can be. I'm really loving the exaggerated A-line of this dress.

2. Like most Wardrobe_Remixers, Ms. Sally Jane mixes affordable high-street pieces and vintage finds – further proof that you don't need to spend a fortune to look fantastic.

3. Layered legs! I'm so digging the idea of knee socks over leggings. Knee socks on their own have the strong possibility of looking too schoolgirlish, but when paired with leggings, they have such a slouchy-cool layered effect. Plus, the socks apparently stay up so much better this way.