Um, well, hey.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Seeing it's been, oh I don't know, almost a YEAR since my last post, it seemed like it was high time I said hello already.

It would probably be smart of me to officially "retire", but I just can't bring myself to do it. (Even when I'm embarrassingly only delivering annual posts.) There's a little part of me that says, "yeah, I need a redesign, and yeah, I have no free time these days, but maybe just maybe I'll find some and pick up blogging again." I miss it. I miss YOU.

Of course, you can always find me around the interwebs:
Like on the Twitter (prob'ly my favorite social platform);
and the Instagram (photos of doggies galore!);
and the Pinterest (been pretty into it as of late);
and the Facebook (though Facebook's recent changes mean you'll probably never see my posts in your newsfeed. Gee, thanks, Facebook.)

In any case, it's been a crazy year. But I just got some amazing new Garima Dhawan dot prints from affordable art store Artfully Walls and I thought, "Hey! I should go blog about that!" So here we are. Feels pretty good, I have to say.

See you soon?

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Rebecca said...

Love the print, reminds me of those eye tests where you need to find a hidden number (in a good way!)