{Sneak Peek} Inside my Apartment

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I've been busy lately, especially with moving from my (tiny) Manhattan apartment to my (tiny, but cheaper) Brooklyn apartment. For someone with a closet as big as mine, this is not a small undertaking. On the upside: A new place to decorate! It's still kind of a mess, but I managed to capture a few snippets so you could see how it's taking shape. A full apartment tour to come when I get my act together (i.e., clean this place up and maybe even do the dishes).

Let's start here. Brass chandelier, spraypainted blue and hung in the living room:

I'm obsessed with dinosaurs lately (you'll see). Lucite box full of 'em.

Top of my dresser. My bedroom is full of all different shades of pink, from pale to neon. Loved these cheap, bright frames I found at Target.

OK, so also obsessed with neon pink lately. I took this white dressing table (and Ikea mirror) and gussied it up a bit.

An apartment is never complete without a proper gallery wall:

Why, look! It's mah puppies! And yes, I do dress them hipster-style in American Apparel baby tees.

If I had any energy, I would've cleaned this up for you. However. I did want you to see the awesomeness of this vintage hotel mailbox. (Bonus: Holds lots of junk!)

A bright pink T-Rex keeps watch over my bed.

My lifelong dream -- inspired my Alber Elbaz's own giant red dinosaur -- of owning a giant red dinosaur is now complete.

My collection of white ceramics and milk glass is becoming famous! (Or infamous! Whatever.) But you need some white when you're as color-obsessed as I am.

Aaaaaand... {fin.}


Husbesiktning said...

Awesome and Congratulations! amazing style as always :)

miss said...

Love these collections, they look wonderful.

Patricia I. Issa said...

Too much colors in your apartment!!

Unknown said...

You are doing the right thing. Dont leave your passion. Great work :)

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Reduceri si promotii said...

Love the gallery wall!