California, Californiiiiiaaaa, here we cooooome!

Friday, April 12, 2013

I am literally counting down the days/hours/minutes/nanoseconds to my Memorial Day vacation, a trip to Palm Springs with Kevin (he of "Vintage Roadtrip" partnership fame) and pals. Palm Springs = midcentury mecca, vintage bastion, retro retreat of sun, fun and 1950s architecture...

Of course, I started packing weeks ago. And while retro caftans and bakelite bangles are totally in the bag (so to speak) already, there are some other fun things I need/want/must have for the perfect throwback getaway. Teensy vintage convertible (and matching headscarf, because you know I have one that's been waiting for this very trip) to come.

From top right:
+J.Crew retro bikini (on sale currently!);
+Zara silver sandals (low enough to walk in; high enough to pair with floaty maxi dresses for dinner);
+Baggu sailor stripe weekender (um, obsessed with their new canvas bags) (also -- weekender? it's like what I carry everyday...);
+Gap neon pink shirtdress (for when you need to depart the pool and hit the vintage home stores)...

Any Palm Springs stores I should not miss? Let me know!

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