Outfit Watch! Off to the Theater…

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

You may or may not be aware that I am a major Broadway geek. Like in a would-totally-geek-out-if-I-met-Idina Menzel slash quotes-"Into the Woods"-at-regular-intervals kind of way. ("When the end is right it justifies the beans!") "Spring Awakening" was playing all month at the Kennedy Center, and I scored front row tickets for the second-to-last night of the run this weekend (I actually scored a front row seat for early July, but couldn't make it, to my insane disappointment.) It was amaaaazing. And it was also the occasion to wear a really great dress: in this case, Manish Arora's voluminous, colofrul confection, which (if you remember) was first drooled over by me at India Fashion Week several years ago and brought in by Anthropologie (of all places) last year.

Fashion and showtunes! It was the perfect combination. Here is me at my most utterly happy (and, likely, singing "My Junk" in my head):


Sexy Sadie said...

we all have a geek inside of know it, I know it =P... btw your dress is sooo cool!!



everybodysaysdont said...

Wow! Amazing dress, you look fab!

I also LOVE musicals, and quote them all the time, especially Sondheim....The Slotted spoon can catch the potato! :-)

I haven't seen Spring Awakening, I missed it in London. I was lucky enough to see a great production of A little night music recently though.

Lots Of Love x

Christen said...

The dress is stunning and looks fantastic on you! Glad you had a good time!

Sharon said...

your dress is so beautiful!

Kasmira said...

Glad to see an outfit post from you again!

I've been listening to Spring Awakening. I'd love to see it. Isn't one of the original cast members now on Glee?

R. said...

That dress is BEAUTIFUL. Good occasion for it.

ms. spinach said...

thanks everyone! kasmira, the original female lead, lea michele, IS also the lead on glee. which i cannot wait for! the series premiere is sept. 9.

Pretty Pirate said...

That dress is amazing!!

Pamcasso said...

that dress- wow the print is gorgeous, and so becoming on you!

Maverick Malone said...

That dress is outrageous! I love it <3

xox, mavi

The Queen of Hearts said...

I agree with Mavi, that dress is outrageous and I too, love it. Who designs it?

JULIE said...

aaaaa lucky, that is the best musical ever!!!

*gemmifer* said...

Beautiful dress, but I also love your haircut. Adorable! :)

Lindsey said...

Can, I just say not only do you look happy but beautiful! Your dress is absolutely wonderful!

{ Lindsey }

lisa butterworth said...

i really, REALLY, love that dress. and you look adorable in it!

Olga said...

Oh it's so lovely! The colours are unbelievable!
Would you like to exchange links?

workhard said...

The dress is really flattering.. especially the colors and the cut...

Agua bendita lingerie

Charlotte Drene said...

What a fantastic dress! My word...

Martini said...

what a pretty dress!

etoilee8 said...

Don't you look pretty! Makes me want to go out in DC and get all gussied up too :)

Anonymous said...







ACCIDENTAL Chic said...

Love, love, love!!! What a steal this dress is. You look wonderful...hope you enjoyed the show!

shilvia said...

adore the dress!!! pretty cut and fantabulous colour combination!!!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful outfit - shoes,dress and that bag is perfect!

Catherine said...

I absolutely loved Spring Awakening! I don't know anyone else who knows it, bar my best friend and a couple of people from my old drama group!
I didn't see the Broadway show, but we were at the first show for its Westend opening, and although I already loved the soundtrack at that stage, I just worshiped it from then on!!!!

Catherine said...

Oh crap ...I've been linked to blogger ...I'm actually on Wordpress ...

chicfaced said...

that dress is so f'in fabulous! it looks great on you annnd i love your haircut! i just found you through some blog click-ity clicking - my friend and i run a fashion blog from fredericksburg, va - just down the (I-95) road from you...great to see another blogger from around these parts... :)

p.s. we linked you!

Her name was Lola said...

Did you love it? One of my very best friends is playing Hanschen in the production (blue-eyed boy with bright, bleached-blonde hair)! You're theatre-going outfit was perfection.


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