On the mend…

Monday, June 08, 2009

Hello! I'm back! I will save you the whole long story on why it's been so long (in short: I was sick, then developed a staph infection, then got a slew of meds, all not fun!). I am, unfortunately because of the aforementioned ailments, also not away on vacation this week, as I was supposed to be, so I am back to my regular sporadic blogging schedule.

Being in bed for a good part of two weeks did give me a chance to catch up a little bit on the internets. I tried hard to refrain from shopping too much, but I did allow myself to pick up a few things. I was sick after all! It was easy to justify.

My small shopping list included the following:

1)American Apparel's super-sheer circle scarf ($39), in blue. I'm seeing this as summer's answer to the drapey cowl scarf I wore all winter, and a great way to break up the darkness of black daytime dresses and give them a bit of fun, summery color.

2)Calypso's braided-neck Kimberly tank dress ($130). Style Redux turned me on to it! Such a bright, breezy summer staple.

3)Alternative Apparel's super-comfy lightweight tank tops in shades of gray ($14), to wear under light blazers with draped shorts. Just so I'm not wearing a white American Apparel deep V-neck every day. It's getting a little ridiculous how much I wear those.

4)DV by Dolce Vita's Owen sandals. 'Cause a gal just can't wear flip flops all the time.

I'm all antibiotic'd up now, and waaay better, so the try-not-to-shop clause has gone back into effect. It was fun while it lasted. I might have to make a teensy exception for the gorgeous photo by Blissfulimages (above). It makes me feel better just to look at it.


Lisa said...

Nice to hear you're on the mend! A little retail therapy certainly doesn't hurt the healing process. ;)

BPremo said...

Glad you are feeling better! That is a beautiful photo.

Gigi said...

We missed you!
Glad you feel better!
Only things you like can heal you otherwise you'll stay in baed bitching about everything like an old person!
Love your blog!

Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry you were under the weather, but am glad you're on the mend and back in the blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

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Johanna said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry!

Feel better soon...then we can gush about the new Wang resort collection.

lots of love and good health wishes,

paisleyprints said...

your favourite japanese kimono place in the kampong glam area unfortunately has closed down for good or "at least 2-3 years" or so the man said,

just thought you might want to know.

from singapore.

kadler said...

So glad you're doing better! That's no fun.

May Kasahara said...

loving the owen DVs + glad you are on the road to HEALTHY ♥

San said...

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Take care.

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