Notes from Fashion Week: The end

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So my first full fashion week was a great learning experience—as in: always, always have flats on hand; secure your show invites way in advance; definitely don't forget your umbrella if several hurricanes are going to blow their remnants all over your pretty dresses; skip the coffee and go straight to Red Bull by week's end—but also lots and lots of fun. I loved just sitting around the the Tents and in Bryant Park, scoping out the Pretty People and taking lots of notes on style tips to totally steal. A few final highlights:

+Bill Cunningham took my pic for a second time; alas, my fab new Belle by Sigerson Morrison shoe-booties and I did not make the cut on his Sunday Styles Fashion Week footwear round-up (with adorable commentary by Bill in the online version!). But, it's still worth the click for the gorgeous shoe eye candy (like above) and also the hilarious pictures of people covertly changing in and out of flats and into heels around every corner. (We did plenty of that ourselves, mostly while also juggling a big cup of Tasti-d-lite.) Majorly cool shoes are the new It bags, you know!

+I got to attend the Project Runway finale show! Tim Gunn! Heidi! Leanimal! I'm saving the rest of my thoughts for my weekly recap, but boy, it was a good time. Even if we totally had to force ourselves out of bed and run over with major bedhead to get there for the 9am taping. (Luckily, we weren't the only ones rocking some major untamed cowlick!)

+Quite possibly the biggest highlight of my week was sitting right next to IHT's iconic Suzy Menkes (my longtime fashion journalist hero) at the Sabyasachi show (another perennial personal favorite). I had to muster up the courage to introduce myself, but she was completely lovely and chatty and is now my hero times two.

+The other highlight of the week was unexpectedly bumping into my friend Maggie—owner of fab LA indie boutique Malgosia (now with online shopping!)—at the same show. We had a great time catching up over a quick lunch at Koi and then later met up with friends for lots of champagne at Gramercy Park Hotel's Rose Bar, which was just the perfect ending to the week.

+Oh, except the week didn't end with fashion week! No, it ended with long walks through Brooklyn, brunch with the ladies (and their adorable babies), speakeasy cocktails, the fabulous Brooklyn Flea, and then lugging a seriously enormous amount of luggage to the train station in the early morn so I could high-tail it back to DC for the big launch of The Washington Post's new fashion glossy, FW. (More on that soon!)

+Oh! And! Over on NYMag's fashion pages (my go-to resource for runway coverage—clicking through is much faster than on, people are voting for the most fabulous and hideous looks from the runways. It's pretty hilarious. Especially the hideous part.

+I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of things, but I've already moved on. Because: Did you sense that chill in the air today? Boot season is just around the corner! Bring on the slouchy suede!


Anonymous said...

Bill Cunningham is his own entity. Oh so necessary. We need to campaign to have u make it onto his Sunday style section...a countdown..sorta like how many days from now it took for u to finally make it. We can even plan ahead. If anyone has a Cunningham sighting (i tend to recognize his camera better than him) would be notified and therefore placed in the perfect position with the perfect pose in the perfect outfit...oh yes..
I just remembered u lived in DC

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