Getting all Gossip Girl-y in my Closet

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Subtitle: Yes, I aspire to dress like the characters in a teen dramedy and I'm not ashamed to admit it

So, I am still completely digging Gossip Girl. Earlier this week, I had a lengthy conversation over how Blair's fabulous raven hair made me happy to be a brunette and how she really got screwed, wardrobe- and makeup-wise, during the bar scene in the pilot episode, when she looked like a fashionably challenged prostitute, and gosh darn it, it was one of my most enjoyable conversations all week.

I was inspired by some of Serena's style elements from the first episode and came up with this ensemble a few weeks ago. I'm so feeling the little necktie – really, just a long scarf tied in a bow – right now. It's a great alternative to investing in the tie-neck blouse. It also isn't actually something that she wore, but the first picture above did convince me I could tie a scarf around my neck again without looking completely 1998/suburban soccer mom.


Fenke said...

I also like to wear my scarfs that way!


looking good, ms. spinach. And how did you do yours? it's nicely done compare to the top pic.

ms. spinach said...

just a good old-fashioned bow! it's kind of like a modified bow tie. a long skinnier scarf works best.

hitan said...

Gossip Girl ;__; Europe wants this show! I'm crying out my eyeballs right now. Pics are amazing.

Jamie said...

You look so cute! I've been doing the neck scarf thing for years - it looks so classic and cool. Gossip Girl is so bad it's good, right?

cruststation said...

I am digging neck-ties, love the images from Gossip Girl (a show I haven't heard of before). The last image is very gothic lolita / harajuku -so cool!! Love your look.

Cheri Lee said...

i love gossip girl!
my favorite outfit from the show, would have to be the gold dress over leggings worn by serena on her date with dan.
i like your rendition of serena's outfit =]

Style Saves the World said...

Super cute! The brilliance is clearly the mismatching patterns!

rebecca.rae said...

where did you get your vest?
i've been looking everywhere for a good one and haven't run into any luck yet. have any ideas?

Nisa Risa Perisacooper said...

LOVE everything abt your outfit!

Anne Corrons said...

I particularly appreciate your scarf. You did well! Interesting oufit, and very special!

Rachel said...

fabulous. gotta love gossip girl.

WendyB said...

You look adorable.

ms. spinach said...

i meant to say that the bottom part of my outfit was slouchy gray shorts and eggplant purple sandals with kitten heels. so hard to get a full body shot when taking pictures in the topshop dressing room!

my vest is from one of the various giordano outposts in hong kong (i think it was giordano concepts -- but i've never seen it in the singapore branches).

riz said...

Love the scarf with the stripes. Can't wait for tonite's episode!!!

Ms. Dip said...

Hey, miss spinach, I'm with you on loving gossip girl and I'm dying because the CW won't let me access web videos from outside states. Does it mean I'm not a real fan -- or I'm just really cheap -- that I don't want to pay for it on itunes? Actually, it's a Hubs issue -- he just wouldn't agree on principle. BTW, I totally agree with the Blair/prostitutey-lipstick scene in the pilot. I thought she was a new character - like Serena's secret madame or something. xo xo...

vanilleah said...


gossip girl is nice - very enjoyable to watch while painting your nails, relaxing on the sofa and taking your mind of things... that what I did yesterday at night :-)

Linda said...

I haven't really been following Gossip Girl, but I caught the episode yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. I don't think the style is anything ground-breaking, but the names and labels the girls are toting and overall wealth of the girls deserves some envy...

Serena's leather peacoat is amazing in the first pic!

design for mankind. said...

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Diana @ So Fash'on said...

spot on! you look great!

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Miss*Laurence said...

I had never heard of the show before, but loved the tie as well -We (the French) call it "Ascot tie" (related to Ascot races) and I checked in English it is called... the same! I really like it on her blouse and your version is really pleasant and unusual too! But I really wish I had is that leather jacket though...

Shelly said...

I am sooo doing that instead of wrapping around my purse handles.

Anonymous said...

Oh I did the scarf-chaneling-Gossip Girl! But in a different way, more prep-school-ish tie than a bow. Yours looks really cute too! I love Gossip Girl. Serena has a great personal style, but Blair has really nice clothes- but she's a little too textbook. Girl needs to find her own style.
The clothes the girls wear are way cooler than ANY show. LOVE what these girls throw over their uniform. Makes you look at uniform in a whole new light.

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