Our June Screening!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Er, guess who's been spending some time downloading new funky free fonts? Don't let the groovy 70s typeface distract you from the details: We'll be having our next Fashion is Spinach film on Sunday, June 17. Come around 7pm to grab a good seat and have a drink and we'll start the film at 7:30 (a little earlier this month, so those of you who have to work the next day aren't out too late!).

This month's film is the fashion documentary Seamless, which follows a few of the finalists (including the adorable Doo-ri Chung and the super-adorable Proenza Schouler) of the first Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund competition in 2004. (Plus: Cameos by Anna Wintour!) It's by the same filmmaker behind the Isaac Mizrahi extravaganza Unzipped (our April film selection, if you remember) – but with less Nanook references. I promise. Seamless gives a great glimpse of the studios and other behind-the-scenes spots of some of the industry's biggest rising talents – definitely a must-see for any fashion lover.

And! I'm taking recommendations for next month. (You may want to peruse the ideas in the comments here, here and here for possible suggestions.) Do you have a vote? Add it to the comments here, and we'll have a vote-off between the most-nominated finalists in a couple of weeks. We strive to be a fashion democracy, after all.

Hope to see you soon!


Anonymous said...

ms spinach, i was all ready to sign up for your upcoming screening but then i remembered my friend's getting married on the same day. any tiny possibility there'll be a re-run? btw, there's this cool local illustrator you may like. i just wrote about her. have a look if you have the time.

Emily said...

any screening till 1th of july? i'll be there in spore :)