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Monday, June 04, 2007

A few fun things to keep you occupied while I unpack:
+I kinda sorta of love these tile-print J. Crew shorts, via Leith. I especially love them with the stripey top and shiny flats.

+Tricia did an absolutely phenomenal dye job on some crocheted vintage pieces. Seriously, I'm in awe. It's also opened up a whole new world of vintage reconstruction for me, though I suspect I'd end up with more dye on me (and on the floor, and on things that didn't need to be dyed) than the item I'm dyeing. Still, tempting…

+Gala is stockpiling tips on how to score the best vintage finds. Also: fabulous purple hair!

+Mizutamago sewed together an *adorable* Built by Wendy dress, which has me desperately coveting a couple of the Built by Wendy Simplicity patterns. Perhaps if I start on the little jacket now, I might be finished by fall?

+I'm hoping the Beloved Homes Ikea decorating book might have made it to my friendly neighborhood Ikea by now. Anyone spotted it yet?

+These are, without a doubt, some of the coolest rock concert posters ever. Seriously great art. Is it wrong that I really want the Decemberists poster (fourth row down, trees and bike), when I don't really know any Decemberists songs?

+Finally, if you haven't gotten your hands on the new fashion-themed ReadyMag magazine yet, then I highly recommend (I tracked mine down at Kinokuniya). There are tons of really fantastic fashion and decor projects in there, including a fun pillow tutorial by Lisa Congdon that I am totally going to try. Eventually. (After that Built by Wendy jacket. So, likely, mid-fall.)



bitsandbobbins said...

oooh, those shorts are pretty amazing. too bad i can't purchase nice legs like that too! :P

thanks for linking over my way again! :)

Gala Darling said...

Hi cute stuff! Thanks for the links... but the link to my hair goes to a simplicity pattern! Oooooh nooooooo! xx

Ms. Spinach said...

all fixed! i'm clearly rusty from all that vacation.

Anonymous said...

I totally did a double-take at those JCrew shorts the last tine I was in the store. I even held them up for a few seconds picturing myself in them. I determined, however, that I am just too old for short shorts. Sigh.

JT said...

Hi Ms Spinach. I recently made a trip to Japan and used your guide for my shopping around Tokyo. It was extremely useful. You MUST check out Kichjoji and Shimokitazawa like mentioned in your post. They were AMAZING. Go to Kichjoji on the weekend like I did - it was bustling with such a cool, bohemian vibe! (Check out the side of the station that leads to the park.) And Shimokitazawa has TONS AND TONS of vintage clothing stores. And there is a very cool store there selling postcards and posters too (I've forgotten the name, sorry!). I found these 2 neighbourhoods so much more exciting than Harajuku and Omotesando. And I am surprised that they are not mentioned in any travel guides at all. What a shame because I had so much fun there. Thank you again for your invaluable guide!

Anonymous said...

shorts are so cute for summer! Especially with this scorching heat. I like these ones from bluefly.comblack shorts

so cute wit hthe black bow...ya ya does a great job.

Susana Rodrigues said...

great blog :)

mizutamago said...

I think I need those shorts.
Thanks for the great links, and the linky for me!

Anonymous said...

not wrong at all as the decemberists are the most amazing band ever :)
you should go listen to some of their songs now if you haven't!

Anonymous said...

hey there. will like to know how much the readymade mag costs. thanks

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