New York, New York

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hey! I've been having so much fun this past week that I totally forgot to blog. There was the phenomenal success of Vintage Roadtrip! (it was so great, I've decided it must always have an exclamation point), and cheesesteaks, and sunshine, and so many thrift stores. (I'll show off some of my loot soon.) And now there is the great city of New York, which -- though I often profess deep love for other cities, namely Tokyo and Paris -- really is my most favorite city in the entire world. So far there has been shopping and eating and catching up with old friends in the Brooklyn area, my old stomping grounds. Today there will be the massive Anthropologie flagship in Rockefeller Center and the MOMA. There is, unfortunately, not a lot of access to the internet. Bear with me -- I promise I am accumulating all kinds of fantastic fashion recommendations, and will be back in just a few days time.

Just a reminder: There are still seats available for the vintage-inspired film screening next Friday! I've scored several fantastic sixties dresses during this trip; one of them is certain to make an appearance at the show.

And also: I found this photo of the New York skyline over here. Isn't it great?

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LA said...

argh! i missed you! i was in italy with my mom or i would have hunted you down and shopped with you. boo. sounds like you had a blast! xo