Serious Beauty Product Endorsement

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Whoa, look at me go! I must be making up for lost time or something. It seems like it's about time for installment number two of Beauty Products I Use and Would Actually Recommend to Others (and only eight months after installment number one! Our standards are very high, obviously.)

Anyway, I'm not much of a makeup user, but recently discovered a product that has completely changed my whole beauty routine. It's the Photo Finish Foundation Primer by Smashbox, and I have to say, if it was a boy (and not a small bottle), I'd probably marry it. It's just that good. (I started with the clear primer, which was great, but recently switched over to the green-tinted Color Correcting Primer, because I tend to be a bit pink. That one is good too, but slightly smellier.)

Anyway. This stuff is amazing. It's very light (a must for me in the sticky Singapore heat) yet smooths out the skin surface so amazingly that when you dab on any concealer or foundation or (in my case) a very quick swipe of MAC Studio Tech, it goes on perfectly evenly. No more weird powder creases or funny undereye concealer smudges! I seriously cannot gush enough.

Anyway, it's not supercheap, but I suppose that is the price you pay for pretty skin.


Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of the Passport Nomad blush (that you mentioned in your last makeup post) and apparently they've discontinued it, bah! I've been meaning to try this Smashbox primer for a long time, though.

I'm glad you're blogging again! ~ Eve

Ms. Spinach said...

I know! I went to Sephora recently to restock, and they didn't have it anymore. Luckily, I still have some left. One stick seems to last *forever*.

I was thinking about giving NARS blush in Orgasm a try next -- it seems to be universally beloved. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

do you buy that from singapore? where can i find that?

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanted to de-lurk and say that I really enjoy this blog, and your photo blog. I great up in SE Asia and I love reading about your experiences there.

freshpinkstyle said...

First of all, nice blog, glad to see you are posting again! Do you think this foundation works for any skin type? I am oily and always looking for good foundations that don't clog or add oil. Thanks!

Ms. Spinach said...

unfortunately, i don't think smashbox is available in se asia. yet. (they are working on it!)

i have combination skin -- at times oily, at times ridiculously dry. i've found this works well, no matter my skin condition that day. I still use a powder over it to keep shine down, but it makes my powder blend in much more smoothly and stay in put longer.

i tend to get clogged pores and breakout with heavier facial products, and so far, haven't with this one. of course, i am only one person. but so far, so good!

Moi said...

Smashbox's photo finish is the sh*t!

freshpinkstyle said...

Thanks, I finally got some and you were right, pretty great!

Anonymous said...