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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh, blogosphere, we know we have been neglecting you lately and really, we have missed you so. So much so that we have recently made the decision to wrap up the new job and return to our former, fashion-obsessing ways. Hurrah! At the very least, we are looking forward to having actual weekends again and watching our Netflix movies within a reasonable timeframe of receiving them. Which reminds us: the 60s mod showcase Darling has been sitting next to the TV for about three weeks now. Spending the rest of the afternoon enjoying kittens and cute shift dresses seems like the perfect way to re-embrace the world of self-employment.

But first! Can we just talk about how fantastic Reese Witherspoon looked at the Oscars? Amidst all the brouhaha of Jennifer Hudson's poufy python bolero and Cameron Diaz's scary orangeness (there seems to be a spray tan mishap every year, doesn't there?), Reese really stood out for being completely classic and chic. If we were the type of people who could say things like "you go, girl" without sounding really stupid, now is definitely the time when we'd be saying it.


Anonymous said...

She knows what suits her body shape, that dress looks gorgeous on her.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you will be returning to self-employment, which will free up your time to post to your blog! but do tell, what was the job you have decided to wrap up?

Anonymous said...

If anyone's handling divorce well, it's her. Did you see her ex? He looked pretty sloppy.


more joyful fashion reading for me then. :)

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

i don't know if bangs can rightfully be considered "classic," but i thought reese was one of the hottest on the red carpet. she knew it too, all posey. however, i don't think she knew that you could totally see where her extensions started. but i did! yay tivo!

Anonymous said...

i loved cameron diaz, rachel weisz, and kristen dunst's dresses too though.

and cate blanchett looked stunning, though not solely because of the nice-but-not-that-impressive dress.

Anonymous said...

It was a Nina Ricci dress by Belgiun designer Oliver Theyskens

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