Watch Your Wallet: The Land of Nod

Monday, April 18, 2016

I don't have any children. I don't plan to have any children anytime soon. But one of my very, very favorite shopping sites is The Land of Nod, the uber-cute, not-just-for-kids-IMHO site that's full of sculptural toys and great lamps and amazing (and amazingly pink) bedding, like my own bedding, above. (Side note: Not for the single; it seems to be a repellant to boys, who do not want to envelop themselves in ruffles of pink.)

New stuff is always popping up, like the new Charley Harper collection (as seen below); the "Wow that's a big lamp" Lamp (oh, yes, one day you will be miiiiine); vintagey Strong Man artwork (see this post on my recent obsession with all things vintage circus); the classic Jenny Lind beds and these amazing rainbow blocks, which I would surely keep on my coffee table for easy building.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.