Black and Tan

Friday, July 08, 2011

I know it's early July, but the fashion person in me has one eye on fall. (It doesn't help that I'm in chilly London, where it's 60 degrees, raining and full of people still wearing tall boots, tights, sweaters and jackets.) As part of early autumn style prep, I've been watching for ruby red pieces -- move over, pink; red's the color for fall -- but also nice neutrals.

Two pieces that caught my eye (er, wallet): Topshop's faux leather and khaki trench coat (scored here in London at the enormous Topshop mothership) and Nixon's fab tortoiseshell watch.

Also on my transitioning-to-fall list? Emerald green pieces, Peter Pan collars (everywhere in London) and serious statement jewelry with a nature-y twist.


cheryl denise said...

i was just writing up a post today about fall fashion - i hope it gets here soon! i can't wait for boots and scarves :)

cheryl - fellow DC blogger
a peek of chic

Dee said...

That Nixon timepiece makes a nice statement piece - lovely with an LBD or with any bright summer hues ;)

<3 Dee

Irusja said...

I looove the watch!

Anonymous said...

Theodora and Callum is giving away their “Tan Multi” Scarf ( all you have to do is share your favorite summer destination on their Facebook Page ( to enter the contest. Contest ends on Tuesday, July 26.

Anonymous said...

Nice fall accessories! I'm a fashion lover too! :)