Spring Finds, with a Side of Guilt

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear loyal, patient, lovely readers (eg, at this point, Mom):

As always, my apologies for the vast space between blog posts. Who'd have thought that having a busy blog and a busy full-time job would be so tough at times? My love for fashion hasn't waned; just my amount of free time. But some exciting things are in the works, and I've been gearing up the spring wardrobe in anticipation.

Above, my recent favorite finds. What have you found lately that you LOVE? I'd love to hear.

Ms Spinach

Photo, from top left, clockwise:
-Magnolia Frame Headband,;
-Jeremy Scott fuchsia winged ballerina slippers,;
-Zara Terez oversized Mediano lizard-embossed oversized clutch, Bluefly;
Timex classic men's watch,;
-scalloped bloomers (for under those slightly-too-short floaty dresses), H&M's fab Conscious Collection.


Longuette said...

sometimes I wish we had 36 hours per day to be able to fit in everything we need to do!
But I do understand you, just give the right priorities to things and you'll sort it out!!!


♥ Ylenia
from longuette

Emily Kate said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the headband!

kati said...

gahhhh those shorts! love your blog btw :)

Emily said...

Oh my gosh, great shorts!