Thursday, March 04, 2010

Apologies for the last-minute notice (um, is it Thursday *already?*) but if you're free tonight (and, of course, in the D.C. area), you should come pop by Neiman Marcus Chevy Chase from 6-9pm for their big "Fashion Rules!" event. There will be snacks, and sips, and a really cool dance performance, and DJ Neekola (who is very, very awesome) and my colleague Jenn and I -- drum roll please -- will be hosting a fashion trivia portion of the night. With really good prizes! (We're talking gift cards, makeover packages and even shoes!)

Sample question: Where is Oscar de la Renta from? (No peeking at the Internet, either!)

Hope to see you there!

PS) And yes, this WAS the only "competition" picture I could throw together.


Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

Oscar de la Renta is from the Dominican Republic! (and no peaking, I know because I lived there when I was a kid for a few years.) :-)

DJ Neekola said...

YAY! You are very, very awesome too :)