I'm baaaaaack!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hey, remember that time when I moved and it was so exhausting/busy/messy that I dropped off the face of the blogosphere for most of the month? Yeah, that wasn't very fun. Luckily, I'm back! Here's what I've been obsessing over since we last talked:

1. Blue and white stripey things. I'm so channeling sailor chic for spring. Yes, please!

2. You might've caught this on my Twitter feed, but published a very nice q&a with me a few weeks back. Finally, an interview where I do not sound like a rambling caffeinehead (er, much). Although I have rethought my response to the "$5,000 in Barneys" question about 27 times since then. (My current answer: Buy as much Phillip Lim as I possibly can. These things aren't binding, are they?)

3. Oh my goodness, did you know there is a prequel coming out to "The Baby-sitters Club"? And, um, that I requested an advance copy and read it in one sitting last week? I was really hoping they'd increase the number of Claudia outfit reports, but it was pretty standard. Luckily there is still What Claudia Wore. (Most recently: "Her hair was braided with silver ribbons, and she wore a shimmery dark blue minidress. On her feet were silver sandals, with laces up the calves - kind of like toe shoes." Is it just me, or did Claud always wear shoes that laced up her legs?)

4. Did you see "Kell on Earth"? I'm obsessed. (Also, I loved the part where her assistant, Andrew, showed up in a sequin gown.) I'm totally relishing her new book too.

5. Oh, and! Next Thursday, all the Best Dressed List: DC awardees and the BYT crowd are heading out on the Odyssey boat for a three-hour booze cruise. I am so excited that they put the "Cabin Boy" poster in the promo. In related news: Perhaps an ideal time to debut something stripey?

6. Very excited that fashion week is very, very soon. Tops on my invite wishlist: Prabal Gurung (above).


Hanna said...

I am so jealous that you were able to read the BSC prequel. I may have read every single one of those books as a child/pre-teen.

kimvee said...

ooo these dresses are awesome!

Rachel said...

Welcome back! I got so excite when you appeared in my blog feed again!

Cookie Cutter said...

I'm so with you on loving the nautical look!

diamondsinchampagne said...

Welcome back! I too am obsessed with anything navy and white sriped... well just stripes in general actually :P

MJ said...

$5,000 in Barneys... that is making me think so much!

Fashion Tidbits said...

i think i read every BSC book too...feeling very nostalgic :P